Tidemark Theatre Revitalization

Tidemark Theatre Society

Sources of Funding
City of Campbell River:$250,000
Coast Sustainability Trust:$153,000
Tidemark Theatre Society:$75,000
Campbell River Film Society:$3,360
Total Budget: $634,360
Quick Facts: 

More than 21,000 people attend events at the Tidemark Theatre each year. 

For more than 20 years, the Tidemark Theatre has been the centre for arts, entertainment and culture for communities on northeast Vancouver Island, drawing captivating performers from around the world to its stage. In addition, the theatre offers a variety of youth programs and community event facilitation. The aging venue needed new technology in order to attract and present quality performers, films and events. The venue also needed facility improvements in order to meet the needs of its increasingly diverse clientele and host other types of events such as small conferences, training courses and other revenue generating activities not related to the arts.

A modernization program was undertaken to upgrade the theatre with new state-of-the-art equipment. The 65-year-old seats were replaced with new comfortable seating, a comprehensive lighting system was installed, and an in-house projection system and screen added. Front of the house improvements included a renovated wait area, green room and automated ticketing system.

In addition to the usual roster of theatre, music, dance and comedy, the venue hosts conventions, fundraising drives, and town hall meetings. The improved amenities have led to a series of new events at the theatre including a new partnership with the Film Festival Society which fills the theatre to capacity 12 times per year. The refreshed Tidemark Theatre now offers a more inviting and aesthetically-rich experience for guests and provides the equipment entertainers require to create beautiful shows.



person years employment created (construction phase)
locally elected officials and MLAs working together
million annual provincial government revenue generated
post completion jobs created
dollars leveraged for every ICET dollar invested
million leveraged into the region
million disbursed
million committed
economic development projects
projects completed
projects in small (less than 5,000) communities
communities with ICET projects

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